Phoenix-LogoOttawa, Canada June 9th 2015 – Tilia Labs Inc. releases Phoenix 4.3 with an astounding set of new features allowing for customers to automate planning and imposition work to a new level.  Highlights include:


All the power of Phoenix is now fully automated through the new Automate module. Create hot folders and define a chain of actions to perform. Once started, the hot folders will pick up Phoenix resource XML files or other third-party formats and drive the job to completion headlessly. Powerful scripting capabilities are also provided through JavaScript allowing custom integration for any workflow.

REST-based Web Service

In addition to the hot folder approach in the Automate Module, Phoenix 4.3 introduces a beta preview of the new REST-based web service API. This comprehensive API gives customers the keys to the kingdom by allowing complete access to all the functionality of the core engine running Phoenix. All tools and media libraries are available, enabling seamless integration with other vendors or in- house custom workflows.

Multiple Layouts

Multiple layouts are now supported in all Phoenix editions. Simply add more layouts to the job from the Artboard toolbar and start building new layouts. Multiple layout support is especially useful when auto ganging a large number of product orders at a time.

Camera Marks

The new camera marks are designed to work seamlessly with a variety of cutting tables. Marks are automatically positioned in empty spaces in the sheet and have flexible settings to control distribution and placement.

XML/JSON Reports

In addition to PDF-based reports, Phoenix 4.3 adds XML and JSON text-based job reports. Both formats include comprehensive information about the job, layouts, and products, allowing for seamless feedback to management information systems.

And More…

The list continues with more great features such as auto ganging enhancements, press die import setting, a new line tool, and more.  See Phoenix 4.3 Release Notes for full details.