Tilia Labs releases Phoenix 4.2 with an impressive new set of features:

Phoenix 4.2 adds another level of automation on top of Autosnap, the industry’s most advanced artwork to die auto alignment tool, by introducing Automatch.

Automatch can cut down the time it takes to assign artwork to dies drastically, especially when working on jobs with different die shapes or ganging different versions of artwork into a multi-die layout. It does this by reducing several steps into a single action: Select multiple artwork files. From there Phoenix takes over, automatically finding the correct die ink in the artwork, matching artwork to the correct die(s), and positioning artwork into the die perfectly.

Split and Extend Bleeds
Split and Extend Bleeds is a powerful new tool available from the Tools menu for extending bleed masks of product items on the perimeter of the layout to include printing marks or similar content from the artwork file, such as registration marks or color patches. Any remaining overlaps in the layout are split and internal bleed masks are not otherwise changed to avoid extending bleeds into other product items.

As well as a host of other great features and improvements:
Import/Export Libraries as a single archive to move assets and settings from one machine to another, or for back-up.
Improved licensing
Improved Japanese Support
New interface, product, and job settings
Improved stability and performance