Everything you need for workflow automation

Turn time-consuming tasks into an automated workflow

Think about how much time it takes to create, check, convert, print and archive all kinds of documents. Take into account the time you spend checking the status of a job and communicating about it with clients.
Automating these tasks frees up your time, so you can focus on what really matters: delivering services to your customers which you can actually charge for.

A standalone application that views and checks PDFs

Gives customer service the ability to identify PDF problems without waiting for prepress

  • missing fonts
  • no bleed
  • low-resolution images
  • trim size
  • non-permitted colors

Integrated with an email client, BoardingPass identifies errors that require a file to be resubmitted and automatically drafts an email reply. Customer service agents gain the power to provide quick and understandable job feedback. Prepress not required.

The fastest way to detect and correct errors in PDF files

Have you ever printed thousands of copies of a faulty PDF?
Ever crossed your fingers, hoping the file you’re about to print is okay?
Do you spend hours checking customers’ PDF files for errors?
PitStop Pro is your solution for these problems!

PDF Preflight and auto-correction. 24/7. 365 days a year.

PitStop Server is a stand-alone hot folder based application that checks and fixes PDF files. Let PitStop Server automate your PDF Preflight and fixing so your operators can focus on billable tasks.