Pitstop13_mailheaderEnfocus announces PitStop 13 with exciting new features! 

PitStop 13 brings three killer features: 1. Bleed can be created, even in files where no bleed is present. 2. You can write and customize preflight messages for easy communication with customers and staff. 3. A new preflight engine that is more specific and accurate and it let you limit your preflight checks or fixes to certain parts of a file.

The most exciting new features in PitStop 13 are: 

  • Add bleed action 
    PitStop 13 enables bleed to be generated for any document even if none exists in the original file
  • Customizable Preflight messages
    In PitStop 13 you can write your own preflight messages for warnings, errors and fixes.
  • The next-generation Preflight 
    PitStop 13 will allow the checks and fixes included in a Preflight Profile to be limited to certain aspects of a PDF

PitStop Server only:

  • Edit Action Lists
    Edit your Action Lists from 0within PitStop Server from now on
  • CLI convert PDF files to images and output PNG and JPEG files
    PitStop Server CLI can now convert PDF files to images and output PNG and JPEG files.